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Art at Tavisha

We believe that a new star can be born in India; a star that express its spirit through ART, a bridge between cultures, region and time. As a place aspiring to provide new experiences, art is found not only within the hotelier's craft of hospitality but also through RE- INTERPRETATIONS of classis designs by modern artists.

 The new Brand seeks to offerFirst class international hotel infused with 'SPIRIT of India' expressed by India Arts as well as re-interpretations of rituals as 'Art of hospitality'.

The changing times is magnified as an 'Artist-Hotelier's' evolving vision, thanks to the talent and voices of seasonally showcased local artists. This hotel aspires to offer a feeling of home to the soul thanks to NEW PERSPECTIVES on Indian art and beauty, and perpetual reinventions of traditions in a kind of 'bridge of time'.